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Cold-rolled steel sheets

Process flow

Process flow of full hard cold-rolled steel coils
Hot rolled steel coils → acid pickling → rolling →black annealing→black cold-rolled steel coils→ weighing → inspecting →warehouse

Process flow of cold-rolled annealed steel coils
Hot rolled steel coils → acid pickling →rolling → degreasing→ annealing → leveling up → tension leveling → cutting → oiling → cold-rolled steel coils → weighing → inspecting → packing → warehouse 

Technical parameters
SP series, ASTM series, ST series etc
0.15 – 2.0mm
500 - 1250mm
Coil weight
3 – 20 MT
Inside diameter of coil
Outside diameter of coil
Ф1200 - Ф1900mm
Executive standard
JIS, ASTM, DIN standard etc.
Annual output
350,000 tons/year

Application fields

Zinc-coating base plates and cold-rolled annealing base plates;
Construction and furniture;
Automotive manufacturing, electric products, vehicles, aviation, precision meters, food cans, etc.